Apr 18th ECS Migration Notification

Dear ECS user,   Due to the continued deterioration of MTEL bandwidth and the delay in repairing the firewall which causes the long-term unavailability of Macao ECS, we have decided to temporarily migrate your virtual server to our another datacenter in Macau. We will migrate your server(s) to our owned host server once MTEL fixed their ... Read More »

Apr 8th BETA Cloud Server Network Issue

19:19 4.7.2020 UTC+8 We received feedback from a customer that his BETA cloud server failed to access some websites and could not connect to the server via ssh. We have checked the client server whether he used some firewall like iptables which blocks some ip by accident. 10:30 2020.4.8 UTC+8 After many investigations, we confirmed that there ... Read More »