ECS Migration Notification

Dear ECS user,   Due to the continued deterioration of MTEL bandwidth and the delay in repairing the firewall which causes the long-term unavailability of Macao ECS, we have decided to temporarily migrate your virtual server to our another datacenter in Macau. We will migrate your server(s) to our owned host server once MTEL fixed their ... Read More »

18th Apr 2020
BETA Cloud Server Network Issue

19:19 4.7.2020 UTC+8 We received feedback from a customer that his BETA cloud server failed to access some websites and could not connect to the server via ssh. We have checked the client server whether he used some firewall like iptables which blocks some ip by accident. 10:30 2020.4.8 UTC+8 After many investigations, we confirmed that there ... Read More »

8th Apr 2020
Macau ECS Host Server Failure

20:03 GMT+8 Our Monitor system reported a connection failure in our Macau ECS Host Server. We are getting in touch with our upstream for more details. 22:05 GMT+8 3/12/2020 We got updates from our upstream that the datacenter's network encounter some unknown errors and they will be fixed tomorrow. 17:15 GMT+8 4/3/2020 We got updates from our ... Read More »

11th Mar 2020
Announcement of the Integration and Upgrade of MOKVM Brand

Dear customer: Thank you for your continued support for MOKVM. We have been in operation since November, 2017 and have gone through many ups and downs. Thank you again for your staying with us. MOKVM, a brand owned by WindCloud, offers Macao cloud server product to customers all over the world. We believe everyone understands the meaning of this ... Read More »

19th Aug 2019
CTM Server Refund Policy

Dear Customer,Due to the termination of the contract between out upstream CTM and us, we are unable to continue to provide CTM servers to our customers. Therefore, we will deal with users whose CTM server is still in active status with following measure:1. All CTM related products' next due date will be changed to September 1, 2019. The server ... Read More »

6th Aug 2019
Notification of Termination of Service in CTM Cloud

Dear Customer,We are so sorry to inform you that MOKVM received notification from the upstream ISP CTM on August 1, 2019. After several consultations with CTM, CTM is unable to continue to perform the contract under current conditions. As a result, our related products were forced to suspend and there is no ETA for the recovery.MOKVM's CTM server ... Read More »

6th Aug 2019
New BETA Product—Cloud Server in Macau

    We know that the new cloud server we have been talking about for a long time has not been open to the public. Right now, we are exciting to annouce that the latest cloud servers, hosting in our owned datacenter and using our premium route, are now avaible to purchase.    We prepared unbeatable offers for everyone, and these offers are ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2019